Here in Roseville and Granite Bay, a huge majority of people value their dental health and see their dentist regularly.  But with the downturn in the economy, more people are putting off their dental work thinking they can save some money.  Unfortunately, this all too often leads to more expensive dental bills down the road, and more importantly poor dental health.

I went into the office this weekend to take care of someone with some facial swelling.  His tooth started breaking down several months ago.  If we had fixed it at that time, we probably could have fixed it with a filling.  But over time, more and more of it broke off, so now he needs a crown at about 4 times the cost.  Still, he waited.  Yesterday, he and his wife noticed his face starting to swell.  Now it is an emergency situation requiring an after hours visit and a root canal in addition to the crown, again doubling the cost.  He’s lucky we can still save the tooth, because to extract the tooth then place an implant or bridge would almost double the cost once again.  As it is, this tooth will cost him roughly 800% more than if he took care of it when it first chipped.

So if you truly want to save money at the dentist, fix your teeth early, rather than waiting.

Dr. Steve

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