“We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected by a vote of your peers to be included in the 2011 database of topDentists.”

We just received this letter from topDentists, LLC.  Our listing will be published in the September issue of SACRAMENTO magazine and online at www.usatopdentists.com (not sure when).  They don’t mention how many dentists have been so honored, but I do know that I filled out a survey for this about a month ago listing who I thought were the top dental specialists in the area.  So it would appear that at least one of our dental peers in town has voted for us!

“Because topDentists is based on an exhaustive peer-review survey in which dentists and specialists throughout the Sacramento area cast thousands of “votes” on the abilities of other dentists and specialists, and because listings cannot be purchased (and no payment is required to be listed), inclusion in topDentists is considered a singular honor.”

I’ve often told people that the featured businesses in Sacramento magazine are nothing more than paid advertisements.  But it appears that in this case, at least, a legitimate voting process was involved.  (Of course, there are convenient advertising opportunities associated with the article, as well as a paid opportunity to link the online listing to our website.  Oh, and we can also pay to get a nice plaque!)

Still, we are honored that at least one of our colleagues has voted us a top dentist in this area!

Dr. Steve

Roseville Family Dentist

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