Here’s an update.  As previously blogged, we were voted by our dental colleagues as one of the Top Dentists in Roseville, according to  At that time, we did not know how much of an honor that really was.  For all we knew, 90% of the dentists were “selected”.  Top Dentists had not yet posted their list.  Well, the list can now be found by searching their “Find A Dentist”.

As it turns out, 12 dentists in Roseville were selected, and we were two of them!  How many dentists are there in Roseville?  I’m not really sure.  (I’d love to hear a number if anyone can figure out how to find out.)  I know there are 85 dentists in Roseville who are ADA/CDA/SDDS members.  I would guess that there are another 20-40 non-member dentists in Roseville.  That means about 10% of the dentists in Roseville made the list.

I guess being voted Top Dentists really is something to be proud of!  If you really want to know what our dental colleagues have to say about us, visit our testimonials page.

Dr. Steve

Roseville Family Dentist

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