sleep apnea dental applianceDo you or someone you know in Roseville/Granite Bay area have sleep apnea but are unable to wear a CPAP machine?  Do you snore?  Do you have high blood pressure (treated or untreated)?  Has someone ever observed you choking or struggling for air when your asleep?  Do you have a large neck?  Answering yes to any of these may be a sign that you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  I just came back from a very informative two day seminar on treating sleep apnea with oral appliances (OA).  As noted in a previous blog, dental sleep appliances made by a dentist can be very effective in treating sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea, if left untreated, is associated with some very serious conditions, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Diabetes
  • Coronary artery disease

In addition, sleep apnea can lead to excessive daytime sleepiness (hypersomnolence), which can be dangerous for people who drive or fly a lot.  And the heavy snoring often associated with it can drive a wedge between couples who must sleep in separate rooms.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine states “oral appliances are indicated for use in patients with mild to moderate OSA who prefer OAs to CPAP, or who do not respond to CPAP, are not appropriate candidates for CPAP, or who fail treatment attempts with CPAP”.  Even people with severe sleep apnea have been successfully treated with oral appliances.

So if you or somebody you know in the Roseville/Granite Bay area have sleep apnea and are not using a CPAP, contact me to see if an oral appliance might help.

You CAN breathe easier!

Dr. Steve

Roseville Family Dentist

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