Halloween is coming, and teeth are afraid!  But, it’s not too hard to enjoy all the fun without too much harm to our fangs.  Remember that tooth decay is one of the two most common diseases in the world.  And remember, too, that sugar (NOT poor brushing/flossing habits) is the culprit.  (See this post for more details.) What’s most important to keep in mind is that every time you get sugar in your mouth, the sugar bugs produce acid for 30-60 minutes, which eats away the hard tooth material and causes decay.  So you want to minimize the number of times you “feed the sugar bugs”.  The best way to do this is by feeding them at meal times, when you’re likely feeding them anyway.  And avoid sugar between meals.  Take control of your kids trick-or-treat booty and let them have some at meals  times, but not between meals.  Maybe if they’ve been especially good, they can raid it one other time during the day.  Just don’t let them pick at it all day long.  Otherwise, they may end up looking like our friend Jack above!

Dr. Steve

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