We Were Voted Best of Best in Roseville
Sung to the tune of “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”
Christmas 2010

“We Were Voted Best of Best in Roseville”

(Sung to the tune of “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”)


We were voted Best of Best in Roseville

That was quite an honor to receive

But best prize is that we work with you all

And that is what we truly do believe !

Now, we’re all in awe of Debbie

She can calm the maddest grump

Ethie’s smooth with the collections

Insurance problems she does trump

Rainy’s adding to her wish list

Huge office visions she has seen

And Chris can keep our schedule flowing,

Rules the front desk like one fine Queen


Now we’ve all been missing Carla

We hear her thumb is doing swell

With Sandra heading the department

Everything was smooth and ran so well

Erin’s our beloved lab-rat

There’s really nothing she can’t do

While Angelica makes us chuckle

She calms us and she’s serene, too


Barbara’s our Energizer bunny

Wind her up—she goes and goes

It’s great that Tina’s back in her chair

Her passion for her patients, it just flows

Stacy explains it all so clearly

Thermal expansion is her thing

And now she’s head of her department

So many talents does she bring


Happy Day! Katie’s a hygienist!

She’s still a teammate we hold dear

But we’re short of an assistant

And so Breanna’s presence makes us cheer

Last but not least, we are so thankful

We love our families heart and soul

They’re the reason we keep going

Jana and Tom make our lives whole


(lyrics by Dr. Lynn)


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