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  • Home – American Dental Association
    The American Dental Association (ADA) is the nation’s largest dental association and is the leading source of oral health related information for dentists and their patients.
  • Perio.org
    AAP member periodontists are specialists in periodontal disease treatment, cosmetic periodontal procedures, and dental implant placement.
  • The LANAP® Protocol for the Treatment of Gum Disease
    Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc.is a manufacturer and distributor of dental products. Millennium’s principals are researchers and developers of new technology and applications as well as clinical educators. Millennium is organized and operated under the leadership and direction of laser dentists for the express purpose of advancing the LASER PERIODONTAL THERAPY technique
  • Spear Education
    At Spear, we serve the striving dentist; those who are dedicated to the pursuit of clinical excellence that transforms their practices and the lives of their patients. Every experience we provide, from Campus Learning to our comprehensive Digital Learning platform, is carefully designed to guide dentists to a higher level of skill and experience.


  • Thomas Chiropratic
    Roseville Chiropractic, Roseville Chiropractor – MyRosevilleChiropractor.com |


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