Are you or anyone you know looking for a dentist here in Roseville?  It is often said the best way to find a dentist is by word of mouth.  We now have over 100 testimonials from the anonymous patient surveys we send out to patients after their appointments.  We also have some not-so-anonymous testimonials from some of our loyal patients, as well as some very nice testimonials from some of our professional colleagues.  Thanks to everyone for all the kind words!  So if you know anyone looking for a dentist in Roseville, please spread the word!


Dr. Steve

Roseville Family Dentist

Dr. Steven Lee graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 1985. He was a dental examiner on the National Health and Nutrition Exam Survey (NHANES III). And he is the leader of the American River Study Club. Dr. Lee has been practicing general dentistry in Roseville CA for the last 18 years.